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coordinator bios

Susie Strachan founded Snow Motion in 1997 when she learned to skijor, and wanted more company on the trails. Susie has been teaching beginners to skijor and kick sled ever since. She has participated in competitive obedience (to the UTCH level), flyball, agility, tracking, scent hurdling and dock dog. She ran with the Can-Do Agility flyball team for 25 years. She still competes in disc dog. She runs Razzie (11 years old) and Dina (5 years old) on her gangline.

Lorne Volk has been with Snow Motion for XX years. He does canicross with his dog Beowulf (age X), bikejoring and .....what other hobbies of note? He has been training beginners since XXXX.

Kevin Champage learned to kick sled in XXXX with his dogs Prince and Princess, and has since added Katie to his gangline. Kevin also cycles long-distance and you may have seen his bright yellow Velocimobile around Winnipeg.

Melanie Gamache picked up kick sledding in XXXX and has Gemma and Yukon pulling their weight these days. Mel also xxxxxxxx.