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2010 Snow Motion Classic

Trail Notes:
Group Use Area 1 trail groomed, with recent light snow.
Temperature: -12 C with a windchill.

Skijoring Pro (6.5 km)
1stSteve DiamondWinnipeg16:41
2ndAndrea SawickiLockport17:37
3rdKevin RobertsWinnipeg17:43
4thDave DelormeWinnipeg17:53
5thDonna KossWinnipeg18:32
6thLorne VolkWinnipeg22:22
7thNick KolisnykWinnipeg23:06
8thKaren BeekWinnipeg26:01

Kick Sledding Pro (6.5 km)
1stJudy ChapmanWinnipeg21:53
2ndCameron CampbellKinasota22:22
Skijoring Sport (5 km)
1stLaura LoohuizenKenora, ON16:14
2ndMay WadyWinnipeg18:00
3rdSusie StrachanWinnipeg20:05
4thSara MacArthurWinnipeg22:20
5thTooru MizunoWinnipeg23:38
6thMonica ReidWinnipeg25:16

Skijoring Novice (3 km)
1stCathy WiebeWinnipeg9:22
2ndChris KozieWinnipeg11:09
3rdSusan AntpoehlerWinnipeg13:22
3rdElaine NystromWinnipeg13:22
4thLori SlobodianWinnipeg13:56
5thRay ArnalWinnipeg18:02
Exhib.Steve DiamondWinnipeg10:23

Kick Sledding Novice (3 km)
1stSophie EthierWinnipeg13:00
2ndClay GrayWinnipeg13:28
3rdNick AugerWinnipeg15:12

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors:
• Canvasback Pet Supplies, for the PowerBones, pull toys and treats!
• Olympia Cycle & Ski (St. Mary's) for the socks and wax!
• Prairie Dog Sled Co, for the kick sled handlebar bags!

We'd also like to thank Ray Arnal, Dave Delorme, Yukimi Mizuno and Kevin Roberts for race prize donations!

Thanks to Race Marshall Karen Armstrong, and all her chute handlers!

Thanks also to Race Organizer Susie Strachan!