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2017 Classic results

2-dog Skijor - 5 km

 1st Steve Diamond
 2nd      Asmara Polcyn  13:41
 3rd  Travis Kondratuk  16:08
 4th Les Fabo
 5th Angela Paterson

2-dog Kick Sled - 5 km

 1st Mark Lubosch    
  2nd    Jennifer McRae-King
  3rd David Robinson
  4th Leslie McLaren
 27: 28
  5th Linda Casson

2-dog Skijor - 3 km

  1st Steve Diamond    
 Paige Swain
   3rd Julie Scott
   4th Asmara Polcyn

2-dog Kick Sled - 3 km

 1st     Susie Strachan
 2nd Chris Kozie
 3rd Alyssa Strutt

Trail notes: Temperature -10C rising to -6C. Trail groomed Thursday, with approx. 2 to 3 cms of fresh snow on Friday.


Most Promising Rookie: Zack Goodz *

Red Lantern: Kirsty McInnery **


Many thanks to:

Race committee: Kacey Beech, Doug Lukawy, Julie Scott, Susie Strachan, Derek Verbong

Race timers and scribes: Lorne Volk, Susie Strachan, Julie Scott, Kacey Beech

Chute handlers: Doug Lukawy, Derek Verbong, Shelby Stephen

Set-up and tear down: Chris Kozie, Zack Goodz, Doug Lukaway, Rick Orysiuk, Derek Verbong

Prize procurement: Rick Orysiuk, Sarah Semmler, Julie Scott, Susie Strachan

1-dog Skijor - 5 km

1st  Zack Goodz *  15:53
 2nd Shawna Kondratuk    
 3rd Lorne Volk
 4th Corinne Shore
 5th Ron Segstro
 6th Laura Loohuizen
 7th Kirsty McInnery **

1-dog Kick Sled - 5 km

 1st     Judy Chapman

1-dog Skijor - 3 km

 1st Nick Kolisnyk
 2nd Rick Orysiuk
 3rd Chris Kozie
 4th Tim Klaas
 5th Carla Mueller        
 6th Derek Verbong
 7th Laura Loohuizen

1-dog Kick sled - 3 km

 1st Sarah Semmler
  2nd Pat Tschanen
  3rd Oleg Kolomiyets
  4th Doug Lukawy
  5th Inge Matthiesen

Classic sponsors:

Canvasback Pet Supplies: Blue and Earth Rated prize packs

Earth Rated: scoop supplies

Kurgo: backpack and canicross leash

Olympia Cycle & Ski: “fun” prizes, including buffs, water bottle belt, ski ties, toque

Northern Biscuits: Bark biscuit samples

Prairie Dog Sled Supply: ganglines, bungees, gift certificates

University of Manitoba: Safeway gift cards

Rick Orysiuk: 4 gift cards

Sarah Semmler: 2 gift cards

Susie Strachan: soft dog toys