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Skills Rebuild: Oct. 19

If your dog can't remember gee from haw, and passing is something you haven't done since the snow melted last spring, come on out for an afternoon of skills rebuilding.

We will work on the basics:
    * line out and keeping a taut gangline
    * gee / haw, gee-over / haw-over
    * on-by
    * general trail etiquette
    * for the fun of it, we'll run a "maze" challenge on foot

Club members, former club members and anyone who has taken a workshop with Snow Motion are all welcome! Some pulling experience is required, as this is not a beginners' workshop.

Non-club members must sign a 1-day waiver to participate. There is no fee for the skills rebuild. **

Sunday, October 19
King's Park
1 to 3 p.m.
Meet in the main parking lot at the park.

Dress for the weather and bring runners, a leash and harness for your dog(s), along with water and snacks.

A short group run will be held on the trails afterward, so bring your scooter or bike, gangline and helmet.

For more details, send an email to Susie at

** We will have the club registration papers ready for member check-in and will be collecting the $20 membership fee.